Hello! My name is Amber Turley owner and photographer of

Amber Turley Photography.

Who am I? I am always a mother and a wife before anything. I have three amazing kids and one lovingly supportive husband. They are my world. 

My love for photography came early on when I was a little girl. I  received my first film camera with a gaudy flash on it  one year for Christmas and was hooked ever since. 

I am a digital artist. I can not stand being restricted with my creativity. I have to create to make me feel whole. It is my release. I truly believe everyone needs to use their imagination daily.

I create to inspire, share emotions, and sometimes even twist the status quo. 

I love to surround myself with the people I love most, have a good time, and travel. My goal in life is to one day leave behind a legacy filled with inspiration, kindness, creativity, and love. I hope to inspire people to use their imaginations more and live life to the fullest.

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